A Sister Concern of Kalan Ayurvedic House Nellayi
  RANI DRUG HOUSE (In the Kalan tradition of more than 50 years)  

Like in many other spheres, India has been pioneer in health care too . Ayurvedic/Herbal  system of health care, an exclusive Indian tradition, still remains unparalleled among such systems of the world.

The success of any manufacturer of health care products in today’s context depends on the extent to which it is possible to adapt the age old methods to suit present living conditions of human beings.

Rani Drug House has been outstandingly successful in this respect. Started in 1978, Rani Drug House products based on Ayurvedic/Herbal  principles, are the result of its own research and development efforts.

While Rani Drug House is fully equipped to manufacture any such product of Ayurvedic/Herbal origin.

The strengths of Rani Drug House are a strong research and development wing, an obsession with authenticity of raw materials going into each product, perfect manufacturing methods using latest technology, stringent quality control of the ultimate products and an unshakable concern for human welfare

  Rani Drug House
Nellayi - 680 305
Thrissur Dist,
Kerala, India.
Phone : 0480-3245584
Mob : 9249913338
Email : ranikalan@gmail.com
Website : www.ranidrugs.in
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